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  1. koopah

    Winterizing advice

    Hi all, I've had my ski (2010 RXT-X 260) for a while now so figured it was about time I winterized it myself. It will still go to the dealer in the new year for a service so I just need to make sure it's safe through the winter in the garage. Apologies if this is a real noobie post but i'd really appreciate any input to make sure i'm doing it right. I have watched so many youtube videos on it, some of which contradict each other. 1) Fuel stabiliser in the tank, fill with fuel and run for a few seconds 2) Plugs out, XPS lube in the engine, turn over and replace plugs 3) Clean and dry engine bay, XPS lube all metalwork 4) Antifreeze in the flush inlet with engine running until it runs out the pump 5) Exterior wash and wax 6) Battery on optimate Point 4 is my main concern as I guess some pressure is needed to get the anti freeze through the system. I've seen some videos of people pouring it in with a funnel connected to a hose pipe on the flush inlet and letting gravity do it's job but will that reach everywhere it needs to? Again, sorry for the newbie question and really appreciate any advice on offer. Dan.
  2. koopah

    Towing toys

    Cheers both. I soon realised that inflatable is too big, I'm going to go for a two seater instead ? Will have a play towing the missus first before even thinking about putting the kids on it... Vollttex - I'm glad I asked the question about towing other skis now, it makes more sense. So can you limit the risk of water entering the towed ski in any way? Just ride slow?
  3. koopah

    Towing toys

    Afternoon all! Im looking at buying a toy to tow the kids on with my RXT-X 260, probably only on the lake. Currently looking at this one https://www.boatworld.co.uk/towables-and-inflatables/airhead-switchback as a mate wants to go halves but is that a bit big to tow with a ski? I'm no loon (well, not when the kids are involved at least!) so any advice on using them? On my PWC course i remember them saying you can flood the ski when towing other skis, is that true and I take it the same doesn't apply with toys? Sorry if these seem stupid questions, this is my first year as an owner and although I'm fine riding, owning one myself now is a bit daunting! looking forward to when I feel comfortable enough to take it off the lake and down to the coast Thanks as always Dan
  4. koopah

    New toy

    Kids won't be eating for a while but who needs food when you can play with 260 floating horses Big thanks to HDAV for his help, as a newbie to owning a ski I've been chewing his ear off for weeks with questions! Any organised trips out recommended for me to look at next year?
  5. koopah

    Help for a newbie

    Decided not to go for the FX HO - price was good but I just don't know enough about jetskis to take the gamble without riding it. It's make me think about Seadoo's as well, did my PWC on one and loved it - especially the ibr system with the lever on the left handle. Anyone seen any decent ones about? 215+, around the 6K mark max. 50% of the time it will be used as a family ski, the other 50% will be me on my own wanting some fun
  6. koopah

    Help for a newbie

    Thanks HDAV, much appreciated. I'll let you know how I get on
  7. koopah

    Help for a newbie

    Cheers, i'll check it out. I'm going to look at it today - as usual round here there is nowhere at all to ride it for a test so I have to rely on starting it up on a hose. Is there anything in particular anyone would recommend I check? I accept this is going to be a bit of a gamble but i've checked with the dealer it came from last year in terms of condition/servicing etc and it all checks out so providing it runs up when I see it, it's likely i'll buy it 2007 FXHO 160, 115hrs and it's up for just under 4k with trailer.
  8. koopah

    Help for a newbie

    Sorry for the delayed response but thanks for all the replies. I decided not to buy the VX I found but have now come across a 2007 FX HO. Came from a reliable local dealer 12 months ago, guy says its been back to have an new impeller fitted since as it was losing power. Is that normal? Did my PWC course yesterday on a Seadoo 160, had so much fun on that. Do all Yamahas spit out the jet of water at the top? Is that not annoying if you are towing anyone/anything? The seadoo's dont seem to do it.
  9. Hi Toca - I was on your course yesterday too, small world Also debating heavily what to get... had my heart set on a Yamaha FX HO (found a 2007 one) but now I wonder if I should get a Seadoo GTI.
  10. Hi all, New to the site, although have been lurking for a while I'm looking to buy my first jetski, have ridden a few times before but never owned one. I will use it on my own but as much will have the family on the back. I have my RYA PWPC course booked and am now completely torn between a VX cruiser or an FX HO. I've found a really nice 2012 VX cruiser locally, 75hrs for a decent price but then you look at the difference in output between that and the FX HO and I wonder if I'll soon wish I went for the FX. Would really appreciate some advice if possible, as blunt as you like! I have been riding motorcycles for years and if someone new to riding asked me the same question regarding a 600/1000cc I'd instantly tell them to get a 600 - easier to learn on, less likely to go beyond their limits and the power will keep them satisfied for a few years at least. If the same applies to Jetskis then the decision is easier Thanks in advance! Dan.