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  1. I normally ride out of Swanage or Poole, but fancy something a little different.
  2. Hello all, I'm thinking of doing a bit of a ride out on Friday, Swanage to the IOW, maybe Yarmouth. I ride a Seadoo GTI 130 so I think it should be fine for fuel etc Anyone done such a trip, how long does it take, anything to be aware of? Can I get fuel at Yarmouth if needed. Cheers
  3. nikkinokkinoo

    Service for 2 stroke jetski in dorset.

    Have you tried Carl @Jetskihub He's very good
  4. nikkinokkinoo

    Who's out at the weekend?

    I will likely be out over the weekend - launching from Swanage. Maybe Friday evening if I get a chance, Sunday morning and poss Saturday in the day, family permitting. White Green Seadoo GTI 130
  5. nikkinokkinoo

    What seadoo model to go for?

    Nice I looked at the sparks but ended up buying a Seadoo GTI 130 which I really like.
  6. nikkinokkinoo

    swanage, poole southampton members

    I like free - Swanage is now 21 to launch and 7 to park (but that is £2 cheaper than the parking ticket I have received on the last two launching occasions :-) )
  7. nikkinokkinoo

    Newbie looking for ski

    They look a little small to me to fish off - I have a Seadoo GTI which would do the job nicely. Good storage up front, you could probably get the rod's on a wake board rack. Be a more stable platform to fish from.
  8. nikkinokkinoo

    swanage, poole southampton members

    I'd like to try that - where do you launch from ?
  9. nikkinokkinoo

    Where to get Seadoo GTI 2013 Serviced

    Great recommendation - thanks
  10. Hi Folks, Just wanted to recommend Carl @ jetskihub. I capsized my Seadoo GTI at the weekend and got water in the engine. I hadn't realised the concequense of it and had casually booked it in for a service this week. When I dropped him a casual text saying what had happened he picked it up in a couple of hours and did all that was necessary to clean the engine and eliminate the impact of the salt water. Ski was also fully serviced. https://www.jetskihub.co.uk/ Top bloke - not met him in person yet, but service was first class. N
  11. nikkinokkinoo

    swanage, poole southampton members

    Hi maid020279 - yes I agree, I have picked up a few scratches on the ski from that jetty - and so far in last two launches have picked up two parking tickets !! I will give baiter a go next time.
  12. nikkinokkinoo

    swanage, poole southampton members

    Will do I normally head round from Swanage to Poole harbour and then back again - should be out later in the morning.
  13. nikkinokkinoo

    swanage, poole southampton members

    I'm down this weekend - should be out white green Seadoo GTI 130
  14. nikkinokkinoo

    swanage, poole southampton members

    I'm in Swanage some weekends through the year and will be going out as much as poss - down this weekend actually and if I get a window will be out on Sat..
  15. nikkinokkinoo

    skegness this time of the year??

    spent many a family holiday at sekggy