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  1. I'm looking at upgrading my intake grate on my ski, any pointers or recommendations? 2017 fx svho
  2. Amped

    Fire extinguishers

    Don't bother, get off as soon as poss. Don't think I'd fancy a 70l tank going up with me on it
  3. Amped

    Thinking of changing

    What a machine!!! All run and and had a play unbelievable the handling, the speed. Went yesterday and still sitting here with the biggest grin ever ????
  4. Amped

    Thinking of changing

    ? I found a manual online is it not above 6k revs for 90mins?
  5. Amped

    Thinking of changing

    Too late I think it was ??
  6. Had my VX cruiser HO for 2 months and its going in for its 10hr service, while i was there i started looking at the FX cruiser SVHO and the limited. So tempted but is it worth the extra?
  7. Amped

    Jet ski life

    Good shout, but was after one with the follow function so I can use it for lots of different things. Have seen some waterproof ones but serious cash
  8. Amped

    Jet ski life

    Cool vid, looking at getting a drone for getting some good footage. Just worries me it falling in the sea ??
  9. Amped

    Hi,Newbie to it all

    Been down at herne bay the last few times it's only £1.80 all day for parking up to Easter. Not sure when your about next but don't mind meeting up and going out
  10. Really impressed, all launched ok, was out for just over an hour. Ski was stable and handles lovely. Still running it in so couldn't give it he beans. Doing my RYA course this Saturday
  11. Wish us luck, heading off to herne bay for our first ever outing
  12. Amped

    It's arrived!!

    Hadn't even thought of wheel chocks until I got home, so a trusty shovel was close to hand. All chocked and locked now though
  13. Amped

    It's arrived!!

    Finally picked the new toy up today. Didn't have enough time to go out today but hopefully next weekend
  14. Amped

    Mobile flush through

    Crude set up but should be enough, if anyone thinks not please let me know as I've not got ski yetIMG_0696.MOV