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  1. JDB

    Poole Standup Riders

    Hello mate I'm fairly new to the standup sport but have been trying to learn everything there is to know over the last few months. I'm still a rookie at actually riding though, but I'm on the water almost every weekend (followed by the best part of a whole week recovering!!!!). I launch from Mudeford (Christchurch) which I think is the most popular place because launching in Poole means you have to pay the launch and harbor fees and it's a long cruise out to the sea until you can actually ride properly (especially in the spring-autumn period with all the speed restrictions). At Mudeford you launch and cruise about a minute or two straight out of the harbor and you're set. I'm probably going to be at Mudeford on Sunday but not sure what time yet. Cheers, John
  2. Hey guys Anyone got some pressure/vacuum testers that they want to sell? Home made is also fine. Looking for testers for carb pop-off and crankcase pressure/vac testing. Cheers, John
  3. I've just picked up a 2006 superjet in great condition but the fuel system has been modified from stock. The switch has been removed and the reserve line is going straight to the carb, plus the tank breather is missing. I know some who actually want this mod, but not me. I want the stock setup. Does anyone have the stock fuel components (tank pickup, all hoses, water separator, filter and switch) that I can buy? Thanks, John
  4. Hi everyone Newbie here so go easy haha. We've got a 2007 Superjet that's been sat for many years after an engine death (threw a rod). It blasted out the crankcase behind the starter motor so the motor's front cap was destroyed. The starter is rusted up anyway so I'm pretty sure it's a lost cause. Have a nearly new engine (seriously, it looks brand new) to go in and we're working through the carbs (full of crap but I think we can restore them). Should be a strong motor once it's back together. What's the best option (in the UK) to get a replacement starter motor? I want to avoid junk that will only last a few goes. Don't mind reconditioned/used genuine parts. And if there is a way to buy the front case (the cast part that fits into the crank case) then I could even give a rebuild a try. Also, whilst I have your attention, we also need a battery. Is there a specific type/size I can search for? Located near Bournemouth/Poole if that matters. Cheers! John