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    Blaster 1 won't rev up

    Howsit guys. Having problems with my new blaster one. Bought the ski in pieces about a year ago but only started working on it 6 months agom. It's a 94 blaster 1 single carb with a Riva red pipe. The ski has been rockered by myself and my brother. Built the motor with new gasket set and new carb kit. Motor starts with in a second of pushing the starter. Idles hundred percent but just won't rev up. It gets up two about 25 percent of the rev range and it just bogs. We've removed the heat sensor from the head, we have rebuilt the carbs and gone through them over 5 times. Checked the timing of the motor. Replaced the coils. Checked the pick ups on the fly wheel.. we don't know what else to do. Could any one help?