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  1. Do you still have these ? If so can you txt me on 07585338933. Cheers

  2. Kboarderman

    Wet bikes for sale

    I'm pleasantly surprised at the amount of interest in just a day.The Wetbikes are in Benfleet, Essex. I'll haggle around £550 per bike. One is standard and the other has been overhauled, repainted and the engine rebuilt. I don't have a vehicle to tow either or both of the bikes anywhere. Anyone very interested can email me on here and I'll telephone them or send my mobile.
  3. Interested have one now needs some parts

  4. I have two Suzuki Wetbikes for sale. They have both been in storage for a few years but ran when I tried them a couple of years ago. I have pictures if anyone is interested in either or both. I also have a double trailer and a Wetbike trailer.