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  1. How to take care of human hair extension, same as human hair of your. To keep beautiful hair everyday, you need practice some simple tips: 1. Using suitable shampoo products with moisturizing essence in order to eliminate the harmful effects of chemicals and smog. 2. Using good quality of human hair extensions to take care of it easily. 3. Brushing hair lightly every morning to to keep human hair extensions smooth all day. 4. Restricting human hair under direct sunlight. 5. Don’t brush human hair extensions when it’s still wet. Please use wide tooth comb, from tops human hair extensions to bottom of its. 6. Take care of human hair extensions with oil twice a week. It will help your hair to soften and strengthen. Choose from almond oil, coconut oil or pure olive oil. You can soak cotton towel in oil and keep it on the head. After half an hour, you wash with warm water. Finish by shampooing with cold water to smooth the scalp. 7. Don’t wash human hair extensions with much clo water, special color hair. Swimming pool water causes damage to the color hair. Before swimming, remember to wash your hair, better to wear a swimming cap. To choose suitable human hair extension with the best quality, please contact me to be consulted. I sure that you can get it with the best price. Don’t hesitate, please press: +841644379594 to get hair now !!!!! VIETNAMESE HAIR EXTENSIONS – IVIRGOHAIR JSC Website: http://ivirgohair.com/