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  1. Epic81

    Yamaha 1200 xl 1998

    I see what you mean about the nozzle
  2. Epic81

    Yamaha 1200 xl 1998

    He said he is willing for me to run it with a water line connected but not out on water , so that's a shame and a wounder why. He said he had to replace the choke cable 2 years ago as it was sticking and he said it has started to stick again .
  3. Epic81

    Yamaha 1200 xl 1998

    Thanks hdav. From what I know it's totally standard . And what you have explained makes total sense lol but daunting at the same time . What would something be worth at this age etc .
  4. Hi there all , I'm new here . I am looking for a used ski and have come across a yamaha 1200xl 1998. It looks to be in a1 condition and have yet to see it in person it has been flushed and washed and siliconed sprayed after every use and has had oil and spark plug changed and has a new battery . I have been told it has done 90 hours . Is this somerhing to look at or look for something different .
  5. Epic81