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  1. Andy GP1300R

    GP1300R Efi controller??

    Hi guys just bought a GP1300R and loving it such good value for money! Previous owner has done a few bits and I’m just working my way through the ski checking it over, he told me the heads have been skimmed and I can confirm this as compression is 140psi on all 3pots,other mods are r&d ride plate, d-cat with chip, and a jetworks valve fitted I’m thinking of going premix but my main concern with the compression pumped up are do I need a efi controller? Any input would be great guys
  2. Andy GP1300R

    GP1300R decals

    Hi guys just bought myself a GP1300R amazing ski and very pleased with it so far. Looking for a new set of decals for it mi e look abit tired so would like to freshen up the ski with new ones but can only seem to find them online in the states? any input would be great👍