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  1. I recently had to remove the exhaust system on my XL1200 ltd. I put it all back together with no issues and new gaskets. Tested on a hose and all dry. I had a session on the water about 2.5hrs without issues. Then one week later when I went out again I noticed it was down on power. I brought it back in and checked the engine to find pretty much all the exhaust bolts had worked loose and drop out. Also the gasket had blown out. My question is - do I need to use thread lock and a liquid gasket as well? Should I have heat cycled the exhaust then re tightened the bolts? What’s the procedure for replacement of the exhaust? Thanks.
  2. Hi guys, I’m new to this whole jet ski thing. I bought a xl1200 ltd in Jan and have been out a few times on it without problems. But I think one one the power valves has broken as it’s started to top end rattle. Before I start stripping it down could somebody point me in the right direction for parts please. Thanks