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  1. Need to find oil seal for my jet pump

    looking for a sc 25 48 6 oil seal for my tigershark jet pump, managed to get bearings to fit but simply bearings couldn't supply the seal,any ideas guys.
  2. How to remove the bearings from for jet pump

    Hi, How exactly do you get the bearing out of the jet pump housing without a press and damaging them.thanks mac
  3. wear ring , impeller, steering venture nozzle and bearings needed,thanks
  4. Tigershark monte carlo 1000 , nightmare, HELP!

    thanks ,how do I get in touch with Alan, Mac
  6. Tigershark Monte Carlo 1000

    Good news, been working on it for days,thought the engine was seized but it ended up been the jet pump was at fault,I dismantled it and found the propeller jammed in the housing,the housing on the inside where the propeller fits his slightly swollen where the bolt go through on the outside of the housing, has any one know of or have spare jet pump parts for my tigershark Monte Carlo 1000, live in Scotland.thanks Mac
  7. Got a new battery and tried to start the tigershark monte carlo 1000 triple I just bought that had been sitting in someone garage for a couple of years. Fitted the battery and pressed the start button and it made a loud clunk noise as if the starter was trying to start the engine but the engine/pistons wont move, does this mean its seized,if so any ideas of how to fix it,ive taken out the spark plugs and put some petrol and 2 stroke into the cylinders left it over night ,but was just the same today,also I'm worried I'm going to damage something if I keep trying to start it of the button,can any help with advise,thanks Mac.
  8. What Battery do i need,

    ive now bought the 1997 Tigershark monte carlo 1000, I need a new battery but don't have the old one to know what battery to buy,can anyone tell me witch battery I need.thanks Mac
  9. Tigershark Monte Carlo 1000

    Hi all, Getting a Tigershark Monte Carlo 1000 triple delivered on Monday by the seller, cant wait ,but the guy I'm buying it from keeps insisting its a 2005 when I cant find any info about them after 1998.Does anyone know when they stopped making them or are still making them .Dont want to keep insulting the guy asking the same question,(are you sure its a 2005 ? ) without the correct info about it. Any help on info would be appreciated. Mac.
  10. Helensburgh

    Helensburgh, on the banks of the Clyde River and the Gareloch.