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  1. piper1009

    clean inner gel coat

    hi its the hull material tried tfr and gunk but cant get it back to shiny white
  2. piper1009

    waverunner leak

    thanks for advice back to stirling marine in linwood it is then
  3. piper1009

    clean inner gel coat

    hi tried to clean in engine bay of my vx1100 iv tried mr. muscle mould remover, jif, cillit bang and gunk still cant get it clean any ideas how to bring it back to gleaming, what do you guys use??? tia
  4. piper1009

    waverunner leak

    2008 vx1100 cruiser still letting in water been back to dealer and he painted a black rubber type coating on it (apparently a common fault with them) but still have water lying in hull after quick blast on the loch would a bilge pump remedy this? tia
  5. piper1009

    loch oich

    new turning circle and new gravel slip now open to public
  6. piper1009

    loch oich

    forestry commision have redeveloped the picnic area on a82 next to great glen water park and put in new turning circle and slipway free to use and non tidal
  7. piper1009

    dropped cleaning pad

    while cleaning my vx1100 my wife dropped the cleaning pad down the side of engine bay and its slipped under engine have tried flushing it out but cant get to it anyone else had this happen and how to get it out? tia