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  1. Heat soaked remedy, also known as homogeneous treatment method, normally called 'detonation'. The hot-dip treatment is to heat the tempered glass to 290°C±10°C and hold it for any specific time period of time, prompting the nickel sulfide to quickly comprehensive the crystal phase transformation during the tempered glass, to ensure the heat soaked glass that may be blew just before use is artificially broken upfront at the factory. In a sizzling dip furnace, the self-explosion from the tempered glass in use right after installation is diminished. This technique often employs scorching air like a heating medium, and it is named 'Heat Soak Test' abroad, abbreviated as HST, and is basically translated as sizzling dip treatment method. Even though the heat soaked remedy of insulated glass for sale doesn't assure that self-explosion isn't going to come about, it does reduce the occurrence of self-detonation, and it basically solves the challenge of self-detonation that plagues all events involved in the task. For that reason, hot-dip is usually a way more productive approach to fully solve the trouble of self-detonation within the world.
  2. There are numerous toughened cup manufacturers, as the professional toughened tumbler supplier The far east, we wish to introduce how to pack toughed magnifying glaas? Toughened tumbler transport presentation should pay attention to what makes a difference? Check it out! Jam-packed in canisters or wooden boxes. Each bit of glass is actually packaged in the plastic carrier or papers, and the glass in addition to package are containing light in addition to soft products that will not easily lead to visual defects for example scratches around the glass. Certain requirements need to meet the actual relevant nationwide standards. Appearance logo The the labels marks shall comply with the provisions with the relevant country's standards. Each packing box will be marked having words just like "upward, light-handed, thoroughly broken, tumbler thickness, score, factory label, or trademark". carry All types of transport vehicles utilised in products, dealing with rules, and so on. shall stick to relevant assert regulations. When transporting, the wooden field shall not be set flat as well as inclined, and your length direction will likely to be the same as the course of movement from the conveying car or truck, and measures for example rain prevention shall be taken. Storeroom The product needs to be stored vertically in a very dry room. How to know If A person Bought Toughened Cup? As among the best toughened goblet manufacturers, i will tell you easy methods to judge toughened glass. This needs to be analyzed from the principle involving tempered magnifying glaas manufacturing. Normally annealed glass is cut on the required sizing, then heated into a near softening point, in addition to rapidly along with uniformly cooled. Following on from the tempered goblet, uniform compressive tension is formed within the surface from the glass, and tensile stress is formed within the glass, which drastically improves your performance belonging to the glass. The tensile power is above three instances that from the latter and the impact resistance is in excess of five situations that of the latter. It might be this aspect that worry characteristics are becoming an crucial indicator on the identification of true plus false tempered goblet, that will be, tempered glass is able to see colored stripes about the edge of the glass throughout the polarizing denture, and is seen in that surface layer with the glass. Bright spots. The polarizer can be bought in the digicam lens or maybe glasses. Observe this adjustment from the light resource during observation so that it is actually easier to observe. There a wide range of toughened goblet factory around China, we have been reliable one. Weihao Glass - China's top supplier with energy-saving entrance and windows curtain wall membrane glass! A lot more than 20 years to create a cup brand to build curtain wall structure glass, specializing inside production regarding insulating glass, tempered a glass, Laminated Glass , fire-resistant magnifying glaas, low-e glass, glass curtain wall, bent steel glass, strict control in the production process to confirm glass excellent!