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  1. Tempered glass is usually a safety glass. Tempered glass is truly a kind of prestressed magnifying glaas. In order to increase the strength of the glass, chemical or physical methods are often used to form compressive stress to the surface of the magnifying glaas. When the glass is afflicted by external force, the surface area stress is first counteract, thereby improving the showing capacity and enhancing the resistance with the glass itself. Wind pressure, cold and heat, impact etc .. The first is the strength is several times beyond that of ordinary glass and it is resistant to bending. The 2nd is safe use, in addition to its increased carrying capability improves the fragile characteristics. Even if the tempered glass reduces, it will show smaller fragments without sharp sides, and the damage to the human body is reduced. The quenching and fast heat properties of tempered glass are 2-3 times higher than of which of ordinary glass, and generally can tolerate temperature changes of 150 C and up, which has obvious effects on preventing thermal cracking. Protection: When the glass can be destroyed by external force, the fragments become compact, obtuse-angle particles resembling honeycombs, which are not easy to cause harm to the human body. High strength: The impact strength of tempered insulated glass of the same thickness is Less than six times that of everyday glass, and the bending strength is 3 to 5 times that of ordinary glass. Thermal stability: Tempered tumbler has good thermal solidity, can withstand a temperature difference of 3 x that of ordinary tumbler, and can withstand the temperature difference of 160 °C. use: Flat steel and bent tempered glass owned by safety glass. Widely found in high-rise building doors and windows, glass curtain wall, indoor partition glass, illumination ceiling, sightseeing elevator obtain, furniture, glass railings, and so on. Disadvantages of tempered glass: 1. The tempered glass cannot be cut and dealt with. The glass can exclusively be processed to the required decoration before tempering, and next tempered. 2. Although the particular strength of tempered magnifying glaas is stronger than which of ordinary glass, tempered glass has the possibility of self-explosion (self-rupture) once the temperature difference changes enormously, while ordinary glass isn't going to have the possibility regarding self-explosion. Avoidance measures: After glass tempering, the mechanical strength of the glass surface is Less than 6 times higher than that will of ordinary glass, nevertheless the tempered glass corner is relatively fragile and probably do break after being suffering from external force. In supplement, if the outside heat range changes frequently, tempered glass may self-explosion. Relevant persons are reminded that when utilizing tempered glass products, they should give any attention to bump the corners. It is suggested that the temperature from the glass should not be changed drastically in order to avoid self-explosion. Scope of job application: Since the tempered glass is broken, the fragments will crack into uniform small particles and get no common glass knives. It is called safety glass and it is widely used in autos and interior decoration, in addition to high floors. window. Disaster method: Safety : An auxiliary escape tool inside a closed compartment. It is generally installed from a place that is easily accessible in a closed compartment say for example a car. In an emergency say for example a fire or a car falling in to the water, it is convenient to get and smash the goblet window door to avoid smoothly. Uses: Mainly used to break glass escape with emergency situations, the hammer handle tail blade is employed to cut the seat belt to escape. Chance: Mainly used for bus, traveling vehicles, trains and alternative vehicle configurations. How to use: The safety hammer largely uses its conical word of advice. Since the contact class of the tip is modest, the pressure of the contact point from the glass when using that hammer glass (not your pressure, but the difficulty per unit area) Rather large, this is like the principle of the pushpin, your film is easily punctured, and the car glass is subjected to a large external force now to produce a small crack, and for tempered magnifying glaas, a little cracking Therefore the stress distribution inside the whole glass is wrecked, so that numerous crawl web cracks are generated in an immediate. At this time, the glass fragments might be removed by gently rubbing having a hammer. In addition, the center portion of the tempered glass will be strongest, and the four corners and also the edges are the weakest. The best way could be to hit the edge and four corners on the glass with a security hammer, especially in the center of the upper edge on the glass. Once the cup has cracks, it is simple to smash the completely glass. Characteristics of tempered cup: Tempered glass is which is designed to heat the high-quality float glass at the softening point, and rapidly cool your glass surface to deliver the compressive stress within the glass surface, while the tensile stress was in the center layer. With the strong equal compressive worry, the tensile stress generated by the external pressure is offset because of the strong compressive stress in the glass, thereby increasing the safety with the glass. 1. Increased toughness: After tempering, the mechanised strength, impact resistance and flexural strength from the glass can reach 4-5 occasions that of ordinary a glass. 2, the thermal stableness is improved: tempered glass can withstand a big temperature difference without ruin, and the resistance to be able to variable temperature difference is 3 times that of ordinary float glass on the same thickness. 3, this safety is improved: following your tempered glass is damaged by the strong, it will rapidly show the tiny obtuse-angle allergens, thus maximizing personal basic safety. Applications: furniture, electrical as well as electronic industry, construction, furnishings industry, bath rooms, autos, escalators, and other locations where safety and temp differences are particularly necessary, and can be used as the original film of insulating glass and laminated a glass.
  2. People are commonly applied using laminated glass within their different needs as per to produce safety requirements in their living areas. This glass is a kind of sheltering glass that holds its pieces collectively if it is smashed. The glass is fashioned by a using with the multitude of certain inter-layers so that is becomes durable to easily use in our different routine life. The inter layer in the glass maintains its making using a prominent method to develop such various specification of glasses. Its high a higher standard power keeps away from your glass from smashing " up " into large and massive sharp pieces. Therefore, people can install the particular prominent featured of laminated grade glass by getting a choosing a considerable number of glasses from Laminated glass supplier. This will definitely make their living atmosphere safer and protected. The top quality Laminated wire glass is regularly used when website of chances of people collision. Therefore, unique purpose glasses are increasingly being highly designed to provide high a higher level services in various lists. All of such kinds of protective building construction glasses or contact lenses provide durability and protecting environment where these special glasses are installed.
  3. Building Tempered Glass is truly a type of prestressed a glass. In order to add to the strength of the magnifying glaas, chemical or physical methods tend to be used to form compressive stress on the surface of the glass. When the glass is suffering from external force, the floor stress is first counteract, thereby improving the showing capacity and improving that glass resistance. Pull strength. The main advantages associated with tempered glass are a couple. The first is how the strength is several times beyond that of ordinary tumbler, the bending strength is Less than 6 times that of standard glass, and the impression strength is 5 for you to 10 times that of ordinary glass, which elevates the strength. Security. Safety people is the second major advantage of physical tempered glass. Its increased load carrying potential improves the fragile dynamics. Even if the tempered glass breaks down, it will show tiny fragments without sharp sides, and the damage to the human body is greatly reduced. The quenching and heat resistance of tempered glass is 2 to 3 times higher than of which of ordinary glass. Commonly, it can withstand temperature changes of above 150C, which has evident effects on preventing thermal cracking. Semi-tempered glass is additionally called Heat Strengthened A glass. It is a kind of between ordinary flat goblet and tempered glass. It has the characteristics of substantial strength of tempered glass. At the same time frame, it avoids the flatness of tempered glass which is easy to self-explosion. Disadvantages for example overall crushing. When the actual semi-tempered glass breaks, it can be radially radial cracked over the crack source, and generally there is no tangential crack propagation, hence the whole can not remain collapsed following your damage. Semi-tempered glass works for curtain wall as well as exterior window in complexes. It can be produced into semi-tempered coated tumbler with image distortion superior to tempered glass. However, it should be mentioned that semi-tempered glass is not contained in the safety glass range. While it is broken, there are still sharp fragments which could injure people and can not be used in skylights and also occasions where human impression may occur. The surface area compressive stress of tempered glass for sale is between 24MPa as well as 69Mpa, and the surface force of tempered glass needs to be greater than 69MPa. The production process of semi-tempered glass is like that of tempered glass. The wind pressure is only different in the quenching train station, and the resistance that will quenching and heat is under that of tempered goblet.
  4. Heat soaked remedy, also known as homogeneous treatment method, normally called 'detonation'. The hot-dip treatment is to heat the tempered glass to 290°C±10°C and hold it for any specific time period of time, prompting the nickel sulfide to quickly comprehensive the crystal phase transformation during the tempered glass, to ensure the heat soaked glass that may be blew just before use is artificially broken upfront at the factory. In a sizzling dip furnace, the self-explosion from the tempered glass in use right after installation is diminished. This technique often employs scorching air like a heating medium, and it is named 'Heat Soak Test' abroad, abbreviated as HST, and is basically translated as sizzling dip treatment method. Even though the heat soaked remedy of insulated glass for sale doesn't assure that self-explosion isn't going to come about, it does reduce the occurrence of self-detonation, and it basically solves the challenge of self-detonation that plagues all events involved in the task. For that reason, hot-dip is usually a way more productive approach to fully solve the trouble of self-detonation within the world.
  5. There are numerous toughened cup manufacturers, as the professional toughened tumbler supplier The far east, we wish to introduce how to pack toughed magnifying glaas? Toughened tumbler transport presentation should pay attention to what makes a difference? Check it out! Jam-packed in canisters or wooden boxes. Each bit of glass is actually packaged in the plastic carrier or papers, and the glass in addition to package are containing light in addition to soft products that will not easily lead to visual defects for example scratches around the glass. Certain requirements need to meet the actual relevant nationwide standards. Appearance logo The the labels marks shall comply with the provisions with the relevant country's standards. Each packing box will be marked having words just like "upward, light-handed, thoroughly broken, tumbler thickness, score, factory label, or trademark". carry All types of transport vehicles utilised in products, dealing with rules, and so on. shall stick to relevant assert regulations. When transporting, the wooden field shall not be set flat as well as inclined, and your length direction will likely to be the same as the course of movement from the conveying car or truck, and measures for example rain prevention shall be taken. Storeroom The product needs to be stored vertically in a very dry room. How to know If A person Bought Toughened Cup? As among the best toughened goblet manufacturers, i will tell you easy methods to judge toughened glass. This needs to be analyzed from the principle involving tempered magnifying glaas manufacturing. Normally annealed glass is cut on the required sizing, then heated into a near softening point, in addition to rapidly along with uniformly cooled. Following on from the tempered goblet, uniform compressive tension is formed within the surface from the glass, and tensile stress is formed within the glass, which drastically improves your performance belonging to the glass. The tensile power is above three instances that from the latter and the impact resistance is in excess of five situations that of the latter. It might be this aspect that worry characteristics are becoming an crucial indicator on the identification of true plus false tempered goblet, that will be, tempered glass is able to see colored stripes about the edge of the glass throughout the polarizing denture, and is seen in that surface layer with the glass. Bright spots. The polarizer can be bought in the digicam lens or maybe glasses. Observe this adjustment from the light resource during observation so that it is actually easier to observe. There a wide range of toughened goblet factory around China, we have been reliable one. Weihao Glass - China's top supplier with energy-saving entrance and windows curtain wall membrane glass! A lot more than 20 years to create a cup brand to build curtain wall structure glass, specializing inside production regarding insulating glass, tempered a glass, Laminated Glass , fire-resistant magnifying glaas, low-e glass, glass curtain wall, bent steel glass, strict control in the production process to confirm glass excellent!