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  1. “Open to offers” 2 X Yamaha Waverunner EX Sport 2018, bought in the summer for a “well being” project in Devon. Unfortuanlty due to loss of funding the project hasn’t taken off after funding being withdrawn to deliver the service across Devon. RRP: £7499 for ski RRP: £1500 for trailer both skis and both trailers cost £18,000 + Grab a bargain Open to offers Skis being sold to recover outlay Both skis on brand new trailors? Used for only 15 hours, both come in mint condition on trailers with light boards and Yamaha covers, data tagged transferred into new owners name on receiving payment. Under manacftures Warrantee until 2020 Any questions feel free to text or WhatsApp me on 07921186598. Please: no silly offers. Theses skis are in mint condition and have litterly been used on 3 occasion over 3 days. 3 hours one day, 2nd day had a day on them for 6 hours and then the 3rd did the same 6 hours. Can supply photos on request.