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  1. Hello friends, I'm new to the forum, and I'm looking to buy a superjet to make some backflips -) I have doubts in some parts, and models I will put my precuupations below. 1- In Brazil and the values are very high, I have 4 options: A : Yamaha Super Jet 650cc 1993 (1993 ... this is very old, it should be heavy ...) U$ 3,000 B : Super Jetski Kawasaki 750cc 1994 R $ 4,000 C : JETSki Kawasaki 650 SX 1991 U $ 2800 D : this jetski (no info) only year 1999 U$ 3500 link to pictures -> http://vidanautica.com.br/loja-virtual/content/jetski-seminovos/detalhes.php?id=1723 I'm going to ride on the beach with waves of 1.5 meters, I'm heavy, I have (95 kilos /209 pounds), these jetski have the power to lift me off me from the water for about 4 meters? thanks, I just do not want to make a wrong purchase of jetski